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Stefanie has mentored and coached thousands of traders around the world and you can benefit from this experience:

Whisperof the day

Check the Whisper of the day daily becauseThe Whisper of the Day is my way to share with you my favorite day trades and swing trades for the day based on following the smart money.

Everybody always asks me why I teach people how to trade stocks? Why don’t I just trade the stock market by myself? Well, I do trade; in fact, I trade equities every day with my community of students. However, I am also cloning myself by teaching my students how to day trade and swing trade. Their education of trading is beneficial to each other. They quickly start to possess the ability of calling out the greatest high probability trades with confidence all day long in my educational trading room. What comes around goes around ten-fold. You are not just choosing me as your teacher and your mentor; you are also choosing to join a highly supportive community of traders, whom you will be trading with on a daily basis. You become part of our family. I teach private one on one coaching sessions, and do numerous live trading classes, but I am here with you every day in the trading room where the education never stops. You will learn how to trade the most popular stocks like Facebook, Google and Twitter and be able to minimize your risk by aligning them with ETF’s and major indexes on the Stock Exchange such as the Dow Jones, Nasdaq and S&P 500. You will learn how to follow the prints, the trend and my number one favorite indicator the volume.

Whoever said trading in the stock market was easy? Well it’s not; it takes hard work, dedication and discipline to become a day trader or overnight swing trader. If you are willing to put in the hard work and the effort, I am willing to work with you and do whatever it takes for you to become a successful trader.

Happy Trading
The Stock Whisperer
(Day Trader by day, swing trader by night)