Boot Camp

Do you trade with a gambling mentality? Are your trades guided by fear and greed? Do you lack control over your trades, not knowing where to enter or exit? Are your trades lacking discipline. If you answered yes to any of those questions, its time to sign up for boot camp.

This two week, 5 hours a day intensive course will focus on the importance of disciplined trading. This course will erase your bad trading habits and psychological fears replacing them with controlled entries and well thought out exit strategies. This course kicks off with a 5 hour power point presentation that delves into the 6 reasons traders lose money and how to overcome these bad trading habits. Students will be challenged to find 20 high probability trades before they can enter the competitions.

Prerequisite to this course is “Counting the Cards of Wall Street”, and “Introduction to Swing Trading”.

Strategies you will learn include:

  • How to fish pre-market for the highest probability day trades
  • How to map out your trades before you enter
  • Learn how to find the strongest levels to trade off of
  • How to separate yourself from the trade, trading without emotion
  • How to fish for the highest probability trades to swing over night
  • Money management/ share size position
  • Comparing stocks with ETF’s and indexes to increase your odds
  • Learn how to spot the big prints and trade around them
  • How to spot refreshing on ECN book to increase your odds

Bonus: This course includes a friendly simulated day traders competition as well as an over night swing competition where students will be challenged to follow the rules and win prizes.