Counting the Cards of Wall Street

This two-part day trading workshop consists of over 200 slides of Prints and patterns and real-time trading demonstrations which will teach you how how to find the highest probability day trades by focusing on where the smart money is buying and where the smart money is selling.

Strategies that you will learn in this workshop include:

  • How to count the cards of wall street, otherwise known as reading the tape*
  • How to find the major support and resistance levels as well as the strongest moving averages
  • Learning how to use volume to pick the best day trading stocks before the market opens
  • Learning how to map out your trade using small stop losses and great target exits to trade the highest probability trades
  • How to tell the difference between short covering from buying
  • How to increase the odds in your favor by comparing specific ETF’s with your stocks
  • Learn how to define trend changes by finding the ” T” spot
  • The best candle stick patterns
  • How to trade during earnings season
  • How to tell the difference between the dark pool prints and market on close orders and how to trade them the next day
  • How to prepare for the days trading by filling out my special worksheet every morning

*reading the tape= Being able to spot the big buy and the big sell transactions in the time and sales window