Intro to Swing Trading

This workshop is a great beginner course to overnight swing trading. Swing trading opposed to day trading incurs a higher risk ratio, as well as a higher reward, therefore its very important to learn the basic rules of swing trading and how to hedge your overnight positions.

Strategies that you will learn in this workshop include:

  • The 6 Basic rules of overnight trading
  • How to find the highest probability trades to swing
  • Learn how to tell the difference between great swings and bad swings
  • Learn how to short in your IRA account using bear ETF’s
  • How to trade ETF’s together with stocks your swinging to increase your odds
  • Learn how to spot when a correction is coming
  • Money management & share size position

Advanced Swing Trading Class

This advanced class is offered four times a year, and is based around longer term seasonal trading. Its included in the boot camp class in the2nd week or can be purchased seperately.   This advanced class will teach you how to find longer term swings based on fundamentals combined with technical analysis to achieve the highest probability swing trades. In this workshop, you will get to watch Stefanie in action as she enters swing trades at the close of the market, and you’ll get to watch her exit out of them the next morning. This workshop will also include a friendly overnight swing competition with prizes to the students who swing the best. 

Strategies you will learn in this class include:

  • How to use volume as an indication to trade morning gaps
  • How to spot trend changes for high probability swing entry’s and exits
  • How to zoom out in your charts to find the strongest swing levels
  • How to exit swings that go against you in the morning
  • How to research fundamentals to determine whether or not to swing
  • Learn what stocks and sectors to trade during different seasons
  • Learn how to spot when a correction is coming and how to trade it using the strongest levels
  • How to swing around the prints for longer trade trading
  • Learn which ETF’s are the best ones to trade and how to use the bear ETF’s to increase your odds
  • Learn how to spot refreshing on your ECN book
  • Learn the difference between high probability and low probability swings
  • Money management and share size position
  • How to fill out my morning worksheet and so much more!!!