I had been trading fairly successfully since 1995, that all changed in 2014 when I met Stefanie.  We met on accident as I was in Vegas to see an acquaintance in a live trading competition, his opponent was Stef.  I was immediately drawn to some of the items she talked about during the competition, so much so that I decided to take in her presentation later in the day.  It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made, I joined her room the following week and never looked back. 
I watched and listened to Stefanie for a couple months.  I then combined her rules and techniques with my already successful trading plan and the results proved to be nothing short of phenomenal.  The ability to listen to her each morning, as well as interact with her throughout the day is a tremendous benefit.  I would be remised to not mention the wonderful traders in the Java Pit, many of whom offer knowledge, ideas, techniques and inspiration.  Someday I hope to have more time in my schedule so I can give back the way they have.  I highly recommend Stefanie and the Java Pit to everyone, from beginning traders to advanced traders, there is something there for everyone.   

Chad S. Czappa, Tower Capital Investments, LLC

I cannot begin to thank you enough for all of the education, information, hospitality, enjoyment and fun that I have experienced as a member for these past few months.  I learned so much for which I am extremely grateful to you. You have an absolutely top notch, first class service. 2nd to none.

Marty B

The Stock Whisperer lives up to her name. Over the years of interviewing Stefanie I have been amazed at how spot on she is when it comes to calling the next move in the market. She is a must follow for all traders.

Matthew D. McCall, President, Penn Financial Group

Hi Stefanie, Thanks to "Whisper of the Day" dailies, I've done quite well in 2016. To wit, on 7/29/16 you spotted a significant opportunity with BCS. Subsequent trades with BAC and GDX were also fruitful. Most recently a huge imprint was seen on ON this week. As a retiree and cancer survivor, this dark pool concept perpetuates the Watergate based mantra "Follow the Money"in spades. Bless you for the adrenalin!

Milt M

I attended Stefanie's recent Workshop on How to Profit Off the Dark Pool and it was amazing. She pulls back the curtain and reveals the monster dark pool prints big Wall Street trading firms try to hide...and shows you how you can spot them yourself and profit from them. The Big Boys can run, but they can't hide from Stefanie!  I highly recommend you check out The Stock Whisperer and discover one of the most fascinating ways to trade that you’ve ever seen.


Nick Moccia, Publisher, Weiss Education

Stefanie’s unique approach and energetic style to short-term trading strategies makes intuitive sense and is easy to understand for the average investor. Getting behind the big money flow on a short-term basis means your trading with deep pockets supporting you rather than against you. This special skill set to trade with the big money traders earned her the nickname the VolumePrintcess. Stefanie is at the top of her game 

Larry Berman, Founder ETF Capital Management Host Bermans Call on BNN

Alessio guys I'm so grateful to you all, never had a winning streak like this so far, and it's all thanks to you!! Stef thx a lot, I'm so happy! :))


Hey Stefanie, I have been very selective with my trades...mostly the SPY, YTD I am up 112% thanks to what I have learned about the Dark Pool Prints here.  Thanks again!


Stefanie, thanks.  Finding u on stock twits might end up being the second best thing I've done. Thanks for the great classes and the personal touch that's hard to find in this time we trade in."


Hi Stefanie,  
I took your advice and stuck to my gold / silver plays, which is paying off big time. Last go around, in June, I make $120k. This month $100k, and it's not over yet. I’ve helped my friends to make between 10 to 30 percent returns on their trading accounts, and I always plug your site and the value of the prints!!


@The_Stock_Whisperer This is absolutely gold, had completely turned around my trading.  Just wanted to stop by and say a Huge Thanks to you.


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your free presentation last week. It was very professional, educational as well as entertaining. And then on Friday, my first day with your service, I nailed a 90 percent ROI, wow...couldn't have asked for a better start. 


Just wanted to say a special thanks.  Started with you roughly 3 to 4 months ago and started trading 8 months ago.  With your help it's all starting to make sense and I just had my best month ever-- made $20K in September!

Peter H

Following the rules is really great. this has got to be the best trading school ever, Stefanie is by far one of the best

Susan H

Stef.. since joining the group my small portfolio has grown 125%


Stef, you're the BEST teacher EVER in my 7 yr run with the Stock Market!!!


Stefanie, thanks for the great whisper this morning, I made $100,000 before the market even opened. Thank You!!


Stefanie, I just wanted to thank you for all your education you provide us. That JBLU trade today from my entry, scale in and the scale out was executed perfectly. I didn't make a million bucks on the trade but the whole process and execution of the trade was perfect and that felt really great. 

Terry C

After hearing your workshop today on Swing Trading, I just wanted to compliment you on your 'teaching' abilities.  Throughout the webinar today, you spoke fluently and you again demonstrated not only your knowledge of the markets/trading but you also demonstrated a very personable quality which assures others of your honesty. It is evident that  you are a genuine woman who truly wants to help all other members of the group.


I started investing in 1996  reading every book I could get my hands on, watching seminars and attemping to train myself. I found this was a hit and miss method at best!  In the year 2013 is when I listened in on a chat line and became interested in your style of training.  
           I find your method of teaching is the way my mind works using charts, levels, moving averages and more to build a strong foundation upon which to trade. In June 13 2013 is when I purchased  "Counting the Cards of Wall Street Part 2" and have no regrets. Since then I have purchased or enrolled in various courses offered though "The Stock Whisper", and Stefanie is the instructor. 
         The latest course which I enrolled in is "Boot Camp 2 Weeks (Live Workshop) 50 hours". During the two week course a lot of essential information for day trading and swing trading was covered in depth. The training builds a solid foundation upon which I can feel secure and use in day to day trading!
         I have no regrets, my intentions are too continue my membership with The Stock Whisper and enjoying the "chat room" where we work as a team. I will continue building my knowledge creating a strong foundation upon which to trade, knowledge is power.
        Education is extremely essential when trading, swing trading or investing, it is important to avoid wishing, hoping or best guess.

Karl M.

My trial membership with the Stockwhisperer.com will soon be over, and I am pleased to say that
I will be continuing as a member. 
The value of your service is incomparable to what else is out there. I think it is obvious that there is something more going on here than just providing a stock advice service. You obviously care very much about your members and what you do.
Thank you for your dedication, you are very much appreciated

Peter B

I just took a quickie Forex trade while I was on the phone with a friend ... pattern was breaking out ... not lots of upside, at least on a first test of the 115, but decided to do a quick scalp.  Price continued down after I snapped the picture.  If it weren't for the skills I learned from you, I wouldn't have had the quickness to take the profit at the major level ... thank you thank you thank you.  You're always on my gratitude list :)


I just wanted to thank you for all the great advice! Trading major levels is like day and night! My vision has gone from 20/20 to 10/10. Thanks again.


Thank you for your link to hear your special sat morning special teaching I was quite encouraged by your trading and teaching skills thank so much for sending me the link.


Without u knowing it, today’s my birthday and u gave me the best gift ever! I realized after this boot camp that I was just guessing and that’s why I was losing money. Thank you for inviting me to do this course I feel so grateful and much more confident now. I am sure I will do great  from now on —-everything goooooooood!. Thank u thank u thank u!


Really enjoyed your webinar last night, and look forward to learning more about you and your system. I have done mostly day trading with limited success. I think your training could be very beneficial.


I think it was today in chat someone said coming out of your boot camp class you feel like Rambo with a knife in your mouth looking to make trades! You will be teaching me in the future, don’t worry!


I want to say I enjoy your teaching and daily comments and suggestions. You come off as a real person and willing to admit when you don’t know something its very refreshing. Thank you for all you do for us all.

Scot C.

I know it was a ton of work but we learned a lot in that process.  Thank you as always for being such a great teacher.

Abdul M.

I like your teaching method a lot and am looking forward to your class. Thank you for putting much value in your teaching.

Theresa N

My trading career started in 1996 and ended in 1996. That’s what happens when you have money and think you can trade the stock market without education. That year I lost 5 figures. I licked my wounds and moved on but deep down I knew that I wanted to learn how to be a trader. So in 2007 I found an education company by way of infomercial. I know what you’re thinking…LOL I spent thousands on education with this company and was let loose on my own, with no support and lost money again. Why? Because they didn’t care about me, my trading or my money. They just cared about making money. I still didn’t give up. I attended meet up groups looking for answers. It was at one of these meet up groups I met Stefanie Kammerman and fell in love with her style of trading and teaching. I took several of her workshops and it was like a light switch was turned on. She taught me how to read time and sales, look for major levels and most of all how to enter and exit the highest probability trades. She is very creative and came up with a class called Boot Camp. That class is for people like me that have bad habits. Stefanie teaches discipline and patience. Boot camp is also great for new traders that do not have bad habits and want to develop great trading habits from the start. This two week 5 hour per day course changed my life. Stefanie pours her heart into every class she teaches and when the class is over she still mentors you every day in her chat room. She is dedicated and has a passion to teach, she cares about every student she teaches. She is extremely talented and fun to listen to also. Thanks Stefanie for being such a great teacher, mentor and a special caring person.


After the crash of 2000, I decided to take a more active role in my investments and took my advisor to task on all their mutual fund recommendations. Things were going ‘ok’ until 2008 when another crash occurred and once again I cringed when I looked at my portfolio. Fifteen years of investing and nothing to show for it. The old buy and hold, average down methods were not working. It was then I decided that no one cares about my money as much as I do, and I became a self-directed investor. I read every investing book I could get my hands on and subscribed to numerous advisories. But my results were mediocre. Something was missing. I needed a mentor. I paid several popular investing gurus but they just gave me handouts, a few verbal lessons, and sent me out on my own. I was lost. Then, in 2011, I met Stefanie Kammerman. She had a different approach. She taught trading courses online, from beginner to master, and she provided direct one-on-one coaching. She gave me personal access to ask any question, anytime, and responded with detailed lessons. But more than that, she is with me and the other traders every day in an online trading room, during live market hours, providing instant advice, guidance, and impromptu trading lessons applicable to the market at that very moment, as well as sharing trading ideas. Stefanie taught me day and swing trading, and more importantly the discipline and patience needed for such an emotionally demanding profession. And now? I day and swing trade with confidence, and even provide advice to others in the trading room. And I am happily profitable!! But the best thing about Stefanie? She cares about my trading, and my money, as much as I do.

Jake B.

hope you had a great afternoon…   I wanted to really thank you on the way you took the extra steps, the planning and input to make this a wonderful learning experience for me… You know in today’s “new world” the extras are usually missing and few go the extra distance…..  Not in your workshop great presentation, so thank you again. Ted aka…  Teddy C…  soon to be Teddy Profit

Teddy C.

"I just love everything about this room and its people! It's the perfect trading environment with the best technicals and numerous, very savy helpers."

Vernon P

Just finished watching your Prints and Patterns lesson that I missed.  Fantastic info. Thank you, it’s appreciated

Wayne M.

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks for the kind words today.  I haven’t been feeling so confident lately and hearing that I’m doing good, has restored my faith.  Thank you!!  I think back to when I sent you that email, and how frustrated I was…  I thought I’d study for Financial Planning and have a great trader make money for me.  Must be that people manager in me, delegate!  Lol.  But you’re right, teach someone how to fish, is the best philosophy.  Funny, how things turn out…  no luck with the Financial Planning and been doing better with the trading.  Thanks.


As a past student of The Stock Whisperer I continue to develop my trading skills as a result of taking classes in Day Trading, Swing Trading, Boot Camp and various workshops. Stephanie’s no nonsense approach tells it like it is and helps you to develop a no thinking, unemotional approach to each trade. I never thought I’d get so upset with myself when I don’t execute a trade correctly, entry or exit – even if I made money! Such an amazing feeling! You want to learn how to trade for yourself and not be a follower? Then listen intently to the whispers from The Stock Whisperer – take some classes, follow the rules and develop the discipline needed to be a successful trader. A cup of java never tasted so good as when you kick back and enter & exit a trade as planned – then refill it, again and again.