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Datatraderpro is a Financial Trading website that measures Market Internals, the undercurrent of the markets, for a deeper look ‘beneath the surface’ of the stock market. We have created proprietary tools and unique ways of displaying them that will assist both the intraday and longer term trader in making key trading decisions.

We measure major US Market Indexes such as the S&P500, the Nasdaq100, the Dow30, the Russell 2000, as well as Broad Market Internals and Volatility. We will continually add features to improve the site and refine our tools to provide you with the best Market Analytics on the web.

All market measurements and Chartblog will have a low cost subscription rate.  Enjoy, and please Contact us here with any questions or suggestions.

DAS Trader Professional trading platform with advanced order types, charting, and multi-account management in a real-time environment.

Collocated Order Executions
Regional, Totalview, ARCA, and BATS Book
Direct Access Order Routing
Multiple Stop Types
Real-Time Account Management
Supports Multiple Monitors
Advanced Charting
Trade Equities and Options

Fast, Stable & Customizable Technology

Lightspeed Technology provides ultra-low latency, stable and customizable technology so you can always
trade your best.  Send orders to over 100 order routing destinations through our multi-threaded servers. 
Customize your trading screens, set alerts with advanced scanners and filters and be sure your trades have
the greatest chance of success.

Since 2009, CBOE Livevol, LLC (formerly Livevol, Inc.) has been the leader in equity and index options technology and services and provides professional and retail traders with cutting edge tools, data, and custom analytics services. Livevol offers a spectrum of technology and data solutions including a consolidated feed, real-time programmatic analysis and scanning, historical files and back testing, real-time decision support, flat files, XML web services, web components, custom development and consulting.

Schwab's flagship trading platform features an intuitive workflow that aligns with the way you think about trading, making advanced trading software tools and charting easy to use.



  • Stunning graphics
  • Proprietary MoneyStream & Volume Buzz
  • Instant EasyScans on 1000's of stocks
  • Set alerts on indicators & drawings
  • Take notes as you research
  • Winner S&C Reader's Choice 1993-2015
  • TC2000 Gold $29.99/month
  • TC2000 Platinum $89.98/month

The integration of thinkorswim's groundbreaking trading platform and TD Ameritrade's network of resources offers investors a powerful trading experience. When people hear the name thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade, they think one thing - transformational. Whether it's the way self-directed investors trade stocks, options, mutual funds, futures or Forex, we are constantly challenging what's acceptable - and expected - when it comes to trading. Thanks to our effortless trading technology, research amenities, support resources and access to practical investor education, we are becoming more than just innovative - we're becoming the standard.

We’ve been building trading technology that provides competitive pricing, speed, size, diversity of global products and advanced trading tools to our clients for 38 years. Our trading platforms have been designed with the professional trader in mind: Optimize your trading speed and efficiency with our market maker-designed Trader Workstation (TWS). Trade your IB account on-the-go from just about any mobile device with mobileTWS. Use our HTML-based WebTrader, a clean and simple interface that works from behind a firewall.