Kevin Harrington endorses The Stock Whisperer



Arise News Interview Trading, June 25,2014                                     Arise News Interview Dark Pools, July 2,2014

     The Roller Coaster Trade                                                                             The Rounded Bottom

MoneyShow Interview Las Vegas Traders Expo 2015                             Master Swing Stock Trading Promo

 eTrading Expo Webinar July 15,2014                                  Toronto Money Show October 18, 2014 Webcast

Toronto Money Show 10-17-18 Webcast Using Social Media                    Sneak Preview into Boot Camp
Sneak Preview into Counting the Cards of Wall Street Part 3                   Sneak Preview into Finding the "T-Spot"

"Don't Let Wall Street Knock You Down"  music video                                "My Secrets"  music video
  Las Vegas Traders Expo 2015 Webcast                           Sneak Preview into Counting the Cards of Wall Street Part 1 

Stefanie with Steve Forbes San Francisco Money Show 2014                      Stefanie with Jim Cramer 2013



Stefanie with Stephanie Link 2013                                     Wall Street Raw Dark Pool Interview 3-26-16

       MoneyShow Orlando 2016 Interview                                Stefanie interviewed by Brian Greenberg News Show 


             San Francisco MoneyShow KDOW interview                                           The MoneyShow Las Vegas 2016 Interview

Listen to the KDOW interview from the San Francisco Money Show

                 The Dallas MoneyShow Webcast

                                                                                                            Las Vegas Traders Expo 2016 How to Make a Days Pay Before you go to Work