Dark Pool Secret Signal Trades

Here is an excerpt from my up-coming book “Dark Pool Secrets”

There have been a few times throughout the years where we have seen prints that were far away from where an index was trading. We call these Dark Pool Secret Signal Trades.

Hitting the 2000% ROI Jackpot Trading Options into Earnings

How do you teach traders to swing overnight when $GOOGL, $AMZN, $INTC, and $MSFT are all coming out with earnings? You would have to gamble.

The Fear of Missing Out

Getting out of a bad trade is like getting a divorce. When you entered that trade, you had every intention of a long-term relationship, till death do us part but as time went on, you grew apart.

The Hottest Stocks to Buy Right Now

Most people associate me with being a day trader, because I sit at my computer and trade all day long, while I run my live trading room. However, I’ve been swing trading for the last 24 years.

Be the First to Know

I’m not the last to know anymore, in fact, many times these days I am the first to know. All day long I receive texts, emails and phone calls asking me what I know, specifically about the Dark Pool.

Fireworks! Will July be the Explosive Top?

A few months ago, I wrote an article depicting that July could be the top for the market solely based on seasonality patterns.


Hot Summer Trades

For those of you that read my last article for May, I hope you took advantage of my “May the force be with you” hot stock trades HRB and JNJ. HRB climbed from $25-$27, JNJ climbed from $124-$128

May the Force Be With You, Come What May

According to Investopedia, sell in May and go away is a well-known trading adage that warns investors to sell their stock holdings in May to avoid a seasonal decline in equity markets.

My Wife is Going to Kill Me!

How many of you are seriously worried right now that your beloved wife is going to kill you if you’re next trade doesn’t work out?

Dark Pool Prints and Seasonal Patterns

Over the last few decades like most traders, I’ve trained myself to search for patterns in the stock market.  If history repeats itself, why not ...

The Hottest Commodities for 2017

2015 was pegged the year of volatility. After going up for 5 straight years, the trend changed. 

The Gender Challenge

At a recent Toronto MoneyShow, an elderly couple approached me at our kiosk asking “What is The Stock Whisperer?” I told the couple that I’m The Sto...
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